We launched in 2017 because traditional recruitment is out of touch.

Our story

You’ve read about what we do. But who are we? Well, not to sound too cliché, but RecruitmentJunky isn’t like other recruitment agencies you’ve worked with before…

Let’s paint the picture together. Has your experience included any of the following when using traditional recruitment agencies?

  • Confusing terms and acronyms for no real reason.
  • Unclear processes and excuses.
  • Hiring and placing a candidate seems to take forever.
  • Salary negotiation doesn’t exist, as recruiters pressure higher salaries to earn more commission.
  • The outcomes are never as they seem.
  • Maybe you’ve experienced constantly changing fees and extra loopholes too?

Yeah. While not every recruitment company does this, it’s no wonder the recruitment world has such a bad reputation.

So how have we made ourselves different?

Founded by our CEO, Rosanna Kierney, RecruitmentJunky priorities transparency, efficiency, and fairness. It’s built into our DNA and our core values – so you know exactly who we are and how we can support businesses and job seekers alike.

We don’t deal in BS with our clients: we’re straight-talking, bold, and aim high.

Our speciality is working with fast-growth tech start-ups. We embed ourselves into the companies we headhunt and recruit for, to truly understand their strengths, remove any weaknesses and hit their goals. Efficiency comes first and foremost – we keep costs low but speed fast! And we don’t keep this to just the UK, where we’re based. We recruit for our partners across the globe.

Now, our little team is growing pretty dramatically too! RecruitmentJunky has been named as the “one to watch” in Norfolk and Suffolk in Eastern Daily Press’ 2021 Future50 awards – next year we’re aiming for national though!

What makes a RecruitmentJunky?

Ambitious. Eager to learn. Adaptable.

Just giving you a flavour of what goes into the magical mixture to make a great RecruitmentJunky.

You can find out more about what it’s like to work here by following us and our employees on LinkedIn, or reading through our #NewsJunky where we share news on our new employees, our helpful guides for jobseekers and companies, and our company updates (such as what we get up to at our team meetups!).

For those who join the RecruitmentJunky bandwagon, we offer plenty of benefits in return for your hard work (we’re not a regular company, we’re a coooool company), including: unlimited holidays, remote working in the UK and flexible work hours, just to name a few.

Our values

We pride ourselves on being accountable for every hire. We are the unrelenting strength you need to level up. With transparency comes great partnerships. We exist to drive the most efficient recruitment service in the market.