Leading innovation means hiring leading tech talent.

Your product and service are only as strong as the technical talent who build it.

RecruitmentJunky are the technology and IT recruitment agency of choice for a range of clients for permanent and temporary tech jobs.

Tech skill sets are in high demand. However, our headhunters have access to the top 20% off market candidates to support and build your technology talent pipeline, at any stage of your business journey.

Discover top tech talent to develop your team.

From expert software developers to engineering leaders: competition for exceptional tech talent is at an all time high. You need…

✅ …Support to move fast and build a competitive talent acquisition strategy.

✅ …Recruiters who understand your specific requirements and can reduce your cost per hire.

✅ …A specialist IT and technology recruitment agency who embraces diversity and inclusion and will help you shape the future through digital transformation.

You’re in luck with RecruitmentJunky.

We headhunt and recruit top tech talent across the world. Our current focus on filling software development roles in the UK, Europe, and North and South Americas for remote-first companies and SMEs. Does this resonate? Then let’s get more specific.

We specialise in finding permanent, full-time tech jobs for developing scale-ups and start-up companies, including tech roles such as:

  • Software Engineer / Developer (Junior, mid and senior)
  • Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) and QA Engineer
  • Sit Reliability Engineer (SRE)
  • Front-end Developer / Back-end Developer / Full Stack Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Integrations Engineer
  • Product Developer (Junior, mid and senior)
  • Lead Product Designer

Whether your company is a tech start-up, a growing fintech, or an established global business, we are here to help. Want to start developing your team? Contact us today.

Help build my ideal tech team

Why use RecruitmentJunky?

You need to beat your competition to top tech talent. We’ll get you there.

We learn about you.

There’s only one way to starting a successful partnership: by learning your specific needs for your tech team. From experience, to tech stack preferences and cultural fit, we dig into who your ideal tech employee is. Next is simple – we find them for you!

In addition, we can also help you form competitive benefits packages using our data and insights about the current market, so you can continue attracting top talent.

We do more.

You wouldn’t use a recruitment agency that would re-post your job ads on generic job platforms. So don’t expect us to! We’re not a standard talent acquisition agency: we’re successful because we are experts at the full recruitment process.

We don’t see “hiring talent” on it’s own. Instead, we link recruitment to your business goals. Together, we can improve your internal processes to reduce your time to hire, increase candidate engagement, and save you money with salary negotiations. By helping you build a robust recruitment strategy, we help you master the full process of hiring, onboarding and retaining staff – and meeting your company goals.

We champion diversity.

It’s time for everyone to take diversity and inclusion seriously – especially in the tech industry. We’ll recommend ways you can improve your diversity, inclusion and belonging at your company. Just one way we do this is using tools to remove subtle gender biases from our job ads.

We don’t stop.

Headhunting is a skill. We go directly to top tech talent – straight to the developers and engineers of your dreams – who are not on the current job market. This means you get access to the best of the best, and beat your competitors. Speed is our ultimate weapon to great recruitment; come and share in our success.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on being accountable for every hire. We are the unrelenting strength you need to level up. With transparency comes great partnerships. We exist to drive the most efficient recruitment service in the market.