What is Net Neutral Recruitment?

Net neutral recruitment is our process of finding and hiring top talent at market-based salaries without artificially inflating pay rates or other recruitment costs.

Here's how it works:

✅...Assess market-based salaries: The first step in net neutral recruitment is to assess the market-based salaries for the roles you're looking to fill. This involves analysing salary data from various sources to determine a fair compensation range.

✅...Validate payslips: Once you have a salary range in mind, you'll want to validate the payslips of your potential hires to ensure that their current salary is in line with the market rate. This helps you avoid overpaying or getting into a bidding war for top talent.

✅...Source off-market talent: In addition to validating payslips, net neutral recruitment involves sourcing off-market talent. This means looking beyond the usual channels (such as job boards and recruitment agencies) and tapping into networks and communities to find hidden talent that might not be actively looking for work.

✅...Negotiate effectively: Finally, net neutral recruitment requires effective negotiation skills to ensure that you can hire the top talent you want without overspending. This involves finding the right balance between compensation, benefits, and other perks to attract the best candidates while staying within your budget.

Overall, net neutral recruitment is a highly effective approach to finding and hiring top talent while keeping costs in check. By taking a market-based approach to compensation, validating payslips, sourcing off-market talent, and negotiating effectively, businesses can find the best candidates without overspending or sacrificing quality.

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