Perhaps one of the broadest misconceptions about the technology sector is that ‘tech jobs’ has to mean technical roles. Not everyone needs to have a Computing Msc to get ahead in tech!

43% of roles in the technology sector require no knowledge of coding and play an important role in supporting business growth. From tech sales, support, marketing, user experience and product, there’s a wealth of opportunity to access one of the worlds fastest growing industries.

Last October, RecruitmentJunky placed Melanie Cochrane with the US branch of our fast growth tech partner, Epos Now. The business creates award-winning POS solutions for SMEs across the globe. Melanie was brought on as a customer service advisor to help support their growing customer base acrss the Americas.

Despite having no experience in tech, Melanie was an ideal candidate. With over 8 years working at Disney World, her passion for creating a world-class customer experience shone through. In just 5 months since her start date, she’s been promoted to a Tier 4 sales and support advisor. We talk to her about the transition and how this role has transformed her vision of the future.

How have you found the change from hospitality to tech? Did you have any reservations? How has the challenge met your expectations of the role?

I admit that I was a little concerned at first, moving from the hospitality sector into tech, especially into a job that is mostly tech support.

I was a bit worried about how quickly I would pick up the technical aspect, how different it would be working with business owners instead of consumers, and honestly, how the whole dynamic would work.

The role is more technical than I expected but I have adapted well to the tech aspect. Now that I have found my groove, I have actually been able to apply a lot of my customer service and hospitality knowledge to the role. It really helps de-escalate issues, turning them into recoveries and sometimes even sales. The role is a blend of tech, customer service, and sales. Now I have the tech aspect, I feel very comfortable in it, as I already had the other two pieces.

What transferable skills have been most valuable to your success in this role?

I would say that my willingness to take ownership of customer’s issues  and generally delivering great customer service has been vital to my success. If every industry took a lesson from hospitality in the way it treats its customers as guests instead of as consumers, I think it would go a long way.

What’s your favourite thing about working in tech support? What does your future career progression look like?

I really enjoy the puzzles that the tech itself presents. I treat each new issue as a puzzle to solve instead of a hassle or problem. I enjoy being able to help our customers out, solve their tech puzzles and see the results in positive interactions and reviews.

I’m currently looking towards a management position as my next possible career move. From there I might try to move in a more technical direction, if that path opens up. It’s all up from here!

What advice would you give to someone thinking about entering the technology sector?

I would say that you need to just jump in and get hands on. It IS scary to start in a whole new field but if you are a logical person who enjoys puzzles and learning, then tech is a great place to be. It has so many different avenues and options, and the sky really is the limit!

Huge congratulations to Melanie on her promotion and we’ll continue to watch her career with keen interest! If you want to discuss getting ahead in tech, our team is always happy to talk. If you’re looking for a new role, why not input your details into our Talent Directory?