As a full time recruiter, mother of three and mental health advocate who’s just completed her ZSA Suicide Awareness training, Lisa rarely has a moment to spare. However, that hasn’t stopped her securing top notch candidates or being a champion of RecruitmentJunky’s #GetHired campaign; a bid to support jobseekers affected by Covid-19.

Having left her native Canada to land in sunny Norfolk, Lisa’s market knowledge was a real asset in supporting our partners global expansion. Lisa genuinely cares about her candidates, a quality that makes her a natural born RecruitmentJunky!

Let’s get to know her!

What’s your background, how did you get into recruitment?

I actually did my undergraduate degree in Sociology/Psychology and then went on to Law School. After having my first child in February 2003 (and relocating to the UK from Canada five weeks later!), I decided to completely change direction. I tried my hand as a Mortgage Advisor for a local finance company. From a moral and personal perspective, it wasn’t a good fit because I didn’t think I was actually helping people who were already in poor financial situations.

Having always worked in sales or customer facing positions, I went  for  a vacancy as a  Recruitment Consultant at the same company thinking it would be a much better fit! So after gaining two and a half years in-house recruitment experience there, I went on to complete a year of agency recruitment with Reed Accountancy before joining RecruitmentJunky in June 2020.

What skills do hiring managers most value in prospective candidates regardless of role?

I think showing determination and resilience is key. With the current state of the world, we are dealing with a lot of people who have either been repeatedly furloughed or made redundant over the past year. It’s about being able to pick yourself back up in the face of rejection. Quite a few hiring managers I’ve been working with are looking for self starters and can show resilience. Determined people who refuse to be “knocked back”, show ambition and just want to “get the job done” are more often chosen over those with more experience on paper.

What’s the best thing about being a RecruitmentJunky?

The best thing about being a RecruitmentJunky is being part of a business that wants to disrupt and challenge the way recruitment has been seen in the past. As someone who loves to help others, it’s also rewarding to be a part of an agency that wants to support the local community by promoting candidates who’ve lost their jobs due to Covid19. There is no better feeling  than when a candidate finally finds their new job. It’s nice to know that you might have had a small part to play in that! Sharing in the excitement of others, especially in this current climate, makes me incredibly happy!


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