UPDATE: As of April 2021, Terry Myers was promoted to Recruitment Manager for Sales & Customer Support.

Senior Headhunter, Terry Myers has been a stalwart of the RecruitmentJunky team since January 2020, when the world was a very different place. Despite the unexpected, Terry rose to the challenge and has played a pivotal role in helping our partners grow. He’s shown particular skill operating in US markets and is our go-to guy for filling these roles with quality candidates.

Office banter is hard to replicate remotely. But Terry is always on hand with an amusing quip or well timed GIF. Perhaps his oddball British humour explains why he’s so popular with our American partners and candidates?

(Answers on the back of a postcard!)

What’s the best thing about being a RecruitmentJunky?

The best thing about my job is helping other people find satisfaction in theirs. Looking for work, particularly in this economy, is really hard so when you can connect a person to a fantastic new role it’s a great feeling.

I was with the business just 3 months before Covid-19 hit so the majority of my headhunting experience has been during a period of candidates being under additional pressure of lockdown, furlough and redundancy. Working with candidates across different global territories has provided me with an insight into what it’s been like in the US and Australia.

I’m proud to work for a business that’s made such an effort to support people affected by the pandemic. The #GetHired campaign and #GetHired Toolkit made a huge difference for the people who successfully secured roles.

From a personal perspective, I really value the flexibility this role affords me – particularly with the added pressure of home schooling in lockdown. RecruitmentJunky has always been fully remote so fortunately we already had the infrastructure and culture in place before the pandemic. A lot of the team have young families so to have that flexibility is really important.


What skills do you think are most important to being a good recruiter?

Being a strong communicator is definitely one of the most important skills from both a client and candidate perspective. Firstly, you have to really understand the role businesses are hiring for. This means being comfortable probing hiring managers, getting to the nitty gritty and asking the difficult questions. You owe it to your candidates to have that information.

Similarly, when speaking to candidates you have to get a feel for if someone will be a good fit for a role fairly quickly. I like to think of myself as being a good judge of character. It allows me to help people be the best they can be when putting them forward for roles. I’m always happy to give advice on CVs and coach through interview questions if a candidate is unsure or nervous.

Resilience is also pretty up there as priorities go for a recruiter! Fortunately a background in sales has instilled that in me. As much as it can be disappointing, I’ll take it on the chin if I’m ghosted or turned down by candidates!


What does the future look like as part of the RecruitmentJunky team?

Working with fast-growth tech businesses means we’re really at the forefront of digital skills. Start-ups and scale-ups are always looking for fresh talent to help grow their business so we’re almost custodians of that. Internally I know there’s plenty of exciting things on the horizon and I enjoy being a part of those decisions.

Having been promoted to a senior head hunter position last year, I do feel like my contribution to the business is being recognised. I’ve recently been taking more accountability working solely on our partner’s US growth and really enjoying it. UK and US recruitment has a very different feel. I’d like to develop into a leadership role to take full ownership of the Americas in the future. I’m developing my own niche for tech sales and service roles, so I have confidence in myself and the business that this is something we can achieve together as a team.


If you’d like to speak to Terry you can connect with him on LinkedIn or send an email to terry@recruitmentjunky.com