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It seems like there are endless job boards, agencies and events out there, each competing for your time and attention. Don’t risk spreading yourself too thinly, be sure to concentrate your efforts where it counts.

We’ve already discussed how to avoid time wasting recruiters so now let’s address internet job boards. It’s important to make these considerations when conducting your search, uploading your CV and clogging up your inbox with job alerts.

Generalist or niche?

With so many job boards out there it’s important to consider the type of roles you want and where to find them. Is the type of role you’re after very specific? If so, consider seeking out niche industry job boards in your field rather than large generalists sites. Whether you’re seeking a role in publishing, metal fabrication or the beauty industry there are specialist sites out there that are only a search engine input away.

If it doesn’t add value, ditch it

Many of these sites will require an email sign up and permissions to send you job alerts based on the skills and experience listed on your uploaded CV. Some of these can prove hugely valuable, some of them are so far removed from useful that it’s just adding to the disarray of your inbox and your head. Don’t waste your time wading through irrelevant roles. Click unsubscribe and continue on your merry way!

Look local

Remote working is making location increasingly less of an issue for today’s job hunters but local job boards are still a boon for some. Whether it’s filtering job board sites by location or heading over to social sites like Gumtree or Facebook, it’s always worth looking at what’s available in your local area, even if it’s just a starting point.


Don’t neglect LinkedIn. Not only is it a valuable networking tool but the ‘jobs’ section is an easy to navigate job board. It even has an ‘Easy Apply’ feature that allows you to apply for jobs in a matter of seconds. However, don’t press this willy-nilly – customise each cover note / CV as you would if you were applying directly through a companies website or risk wasting your time and effort!

Lisa’s Tip

If you’re returning to a job board you’ve used in the past make sure to update your CV. It’s all too easy to apply for a job in a few clicks with the wrong details so make sure all your skills, experience and documentation is up to date before you commit!

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