“We don’t work with recruitment agencies, sorry” is a common response to recruiter calls. And we get it – we’ve been in positions where we’ve said it ourselves. As a scaling company, you can’t justify costly fees for candidates that might not work out. The potential benefits don’t outweigh the risks.

Which is why we’ve tipped the scales.

RecruitmentJunky was born out of a frustration of the way traditional recruitment is done. Our core mission is to support you in achieving yours. It’s how we’ve turned “We don’t work with recruiters or headhunters” into hundreds of hires for fast-growth businesses across the technology sector.

Here’s how;

“We don’t work with recruitment agencies because of the cost”

Cashflow is king for any business and big upfront fees, a lack of transparent pricing and little promise of a positive ROI means many organisations are reluctant to partner with a recruiter. It’s exactly how we felt when we started the business – that’s why we always agree our flat fee per hire up front!

A flat fee means no no unexpected costs coming your way and no eye watering extra fees for game changing hires. These are the people that have the potential to take you from start-up to scale-up and beyond!

“We don’t have the time to work with recruiters”

Time is money – and when you lose it, there’s no getting it back. Having internal resources dedicated to your hiring needs is great but what happens when the workload scales beyond their capacity? Or what if their network doesn’t have the reach to find talent with the skills you need?

As your recruitment partner, we advocate working as an extension of your business. Investing quality time at the beginning of that partnership means we know your organisation, understand your culture and are better able to target quality candidates that will hit the ground running. We’ll work with your internal team and help you remove silos in your onboarding processes to boost employee engagement from day one. All these initial processes means we have an average time to hire of just 10 days.

What makes us different?

These are the two main reasons growing organisations announce “we don’t work with recruitment agencies, sorry”. We understand the drivers behind those statements because we’ve worked in fast growth tech. Our systems were put in place to safeguard your investment in securing the best talent. Talent that will help your business grow!

We’d love to hear more about your business and maybe help you write the next chapter of your growth story! Get in contact with us a info@recruitmentjunky.com to find out more.