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Looking for a job is your new job. That means you need an office. If you’ve already been working from home you’ll understand the value of dedicated workspace. Physically, you can move yourself away from distractions (TV, Kids, the boredom call of the fridge), mentally, you can get in a positive headspace ready for work.

Dedicated workspace

Having a spare room or dedicated office to work in is a great start but may not be available to everyone. If you’re tight on space or share your living areas with a number of people then this can be a little more tricky. Settling for a quiet corner or even having a temporary workspace you can dismantle at the end of the day can help foster those ‘ready for work’ feelings.

The right equipment

Having a sturdy surface is essential, so hijacking your kitchen table, investing in a fold away desk or using a lap desk is a good place to start if you don’t have a desk available to you. Remember, you’re likely going to be charging various devices throughout the day so set up camp near a plug socket or ensure you have access to an extension lead. Extra points if you can get near a window as natural light is a huge mood booster!

Adequate seating is also a bear essential. You’re likely going to be putting in the hours so you need to be comfortable. Relocate or treat yourself to a cushion if you’re making do at the kitchen table – your lower back will thank you for it!

Personalise your space

Are you the type of person that likes to surround yourself with trinkets, plants and pictures? Well why not do the same in your home office space? Not only will creating a nice space foster feelings of wellbeing but pictures of good times with family and friends serve as a reminder to persist through the difficult moments.


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