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“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.”

Routine plays a big role in our lives and can result in the adoption of both good and bad habits. It’s the reason you might crave a cigarette with your glass of wine or how you can mindlessly roll out of bed to practice yoga at 7am.

Our habits are what make us and these are dedicated and founded by the routines you build – so do this mindfully. This can be especially important when you have experienced a big change to your day to day routines like being faced with redundancy or furlough. It’s be easy to feel listless, so introduce structure into your day. Build routine into your job hunt – and stick to it!

Get up at the same time every day. Get showered, have breakfast and prepare for the day just like you would if you were going for work. While the freedom to dive straight into your daily job hunt in your pyjamas might be appealing, this kind of behaviour can blur the lines between ‘home’ and ‘work’.

It might not be an issue for everyone but getting prepared for the day is a small psychological cue that can make all the difference to waning feelings of productivity.

Terry’s Tip

“Be targeted in which roles you apply for – this will be much more effective than a scattergun approach which can dilute your effectiveness. You could even create a spreadsheet of roles you want to apply for in deadline order to focus on each position in turn.”

Set a schedule, make a list, tick off your ‘to-dos’ and include regular breaks away from your screen in your plan. Even the smallest achievements can bring purpose to your day.

These tasks may be small but proactive steps towards securing your next role. Build a routine, create positive habits and stay focused on being open to different opportunities throughout your job hunt journey.

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