Welcome to the team James Howard! Joining our Sales and Service Recruitment Team, James is one of the newest headhunters in our pack. 

James also decided to jump-start his new career in recruitment with us, bringing with him a wealth of sales knowledge.

He has already proven that recruitment experience is not necessary for this role. Firstly, he’s been SMASHING his targets every month since he joined RecruitmentJunky in December 2021. Plus he’s already signed his first client!

One thing we love about James is his consistency, especially when it comes down to asking for an office dog (keep dreaming James!). 

Let’s get to know him a little better…

(James promises that if he can make his son smile this big for one photo, he can make you smile by finding you the perfect sales job. We’d smile that big anyway if we were as cute as his youngest!)

James, tell us about your life outside of RecruitmentJunky 🏠

So I really enjoy going to the gym. My main passions are weight training and rowing. (James told us his fastest 5km is 19 minutes, 13 seconds, and his fastest 10km is 39 minutes 47 seconds – impressive!) However, I am also a massive foodie and my weakness is red velvet cake – life is all about balance right? 

I am a big animal lover and I have a half Bengal cat called Otto, who I must admit gets treated like my third child.

My two sons are a big motivation for me as well as my Mum. Sadly, I lost my Mum last March after she lost her seven-year battle with cancer. She is my biggest inspiration in life, she always set such a good example by having a very strong work ethic. I remember her getting up at 6 am for work, taking care of me and my brother and studying until midnight. She was an amazing woman and her mindset has definitely been passed down to me. I always do my best for me and my family and to make my mum proud.

Above all, I love the quote “never complain, never explain”, and always strive to master this. Focus on solutions, not problems! 


What made you switch from sales to a career in recruitment? 🔀

From the past 10 years, I have a pretty vast sales experience. I’ve done cold calling to Saas sales, been a top performer myself, and a team leader with a top-performing team. So I was ready for my next challenge – and along came recruitment!

Personally, I have always had bad experiences with recruiters.

From being ghosted, receiving job offers that are nothing like the recruiter promised, and sometimes no feedback. These poor experiences made me realise there are areas in the recruitment industry which I was keen to change. From my sales background, I knew I had the ability to communicate effectively and wanted to change the outlook people (like me) have on recruiters.

The skills needed to be successful in recruitment are very similar to the skills in sales. So far, I have found that to be successful you need to be like a sponge (absorbing information) and execute feedback in a positive and professional manner. Putting your ego aside is also a big hurdle for anyone in their early development.

What attracted me to RecruitmentJunky instantly was the commission structure. This was one of my reasons for not taking the risk of changing career into recruitment sooner. Other recruitment companies’ compensation does not compare. Second, I love that this is a flexible and results-focused business. Both my Sales Team Lead, Terry and our CEO, Rosanna, have said to me they don’t mind how I use my time, as long as the job gets done. This makes a great trusting atmosphere to work in. I believe I work best with full autonomy, but it is great to have a supportive team to listen and learn from.


Would you recommend starting a career in recruitment? 🚀

Yes, 100%! It’s extremely fast paced, but no day is the same. It keeps you on your toes. I am constantly looking to gain a good reputation, so any opportunity I get I am networking, even in the gym. I love recruitment because you gain lots of exposure to talented professionals and the money is a bonus!

Lastly, my favourite part of my role is securing someone’s dream role, it really is the cherry on top! I’m like cupid but for work. 


Be sure to connect with James on LinkedIn to see how his career continues to soar here at RecruitmentJunky! He’ll be happy to talk to you about any new recruiting opportunities, or discuss our current sales roles.

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