Welcome to the team Paige Pottinger! Paige P has a superhero name with that alliteration, a superhero nature, and now a superhero job (if we do say so ourselves), joining our Sales and Service Recruitment Team as Headhunter. Meaning she’s now officially part of the RecruitmentJunky team.

She’s loyal, empathetic, and mega enthusiastic to get cracking in her role. In fact: she already broke our record for quickest first hire by a headhunter in her first week! Now that she’s got her feet under her new desk (and moved into her new house – more info on that below), we sat down to get to know a bit more about her. Read on to find out!

(Proof of how well Paige will fit in here – she’s already got a cuppa as big as her head to get through those morning meetings and a wicked sense of humour! You’re CLEARLY our cup of tea Paige ❤️)


Paige Pottinger – tell us about your career so far… 📜

My career started off in telesales. This was where I found my passion for being involved in a fast-paced working environment, where you have to be very driven, hardworking and passionate about the product you are selling.

I’m very target driven and like to over-succeed. These attributes led me to team lead roles, which is where I found out how much I enjoyed helping others to develop and develop their sales skills.

However, this all changed when I went on to have my three beautiful sons!

Since raising my family, I have worked care assistant roles, as this fitted in and around my family. Since the pandemic, the ability to remote work has since allowed me to look into new career opportunities, leading to…recruitment! I’ve always been interested in recruiting, and am very excited to venture into it.

I’m really excited to get back into a target-driven career, especially where I can make it work around my family. Getting into recruitment allows me to provide a better future for my family and teaches my sons about great work ethic.


Why RecruitmentJunky? 🤩

I wanted to work for Recruitment Junky for several reasons… I mean the name for one just makes it sound like a super cool place to work, but of course the earning and career progression opportunities is a big one for me, alongside the flexibility for me to work from home!

Importantly, I am super excited to help others find a career – I feel this will be very rewarding!


What about your life outside of work? 

Making lots of memories is really important to me – I spend a lot of time with my friends and family.

I’m really into watching crime documentaries, (love a good horror film too) and enjoy going to theme parks – bit of a thrill seeker! 

And lastly, I also really enjoy photography. Hoping to venture into this in my spare time.


Quick – does pineapple belong on pizza? 🍕

Pineapple DOES NOT belong on pizza… YUK!


Lastly – we know you’re ambitious because you’re moving house while starting a new job… Any tips on how you’re managing it all? 🏠

I’m literally winging it 😆 … but it’s all about finding a work / home-life balance. Ultimately, keep calm and carry on!


Welcome to the team Paige!

Paige Pottinger is already making waves as our newest Headhunter. If you want to get in touch, connect with her on LinkedIn and if you enjoyed this article, we think you’ll also like our recent case study on how we solved Virgin Wine’s local recruiting headache.