In a world where every business needs to be a tech business, having a functional website is the bare minimum. This makes web developers highly sought after professionals. Web development can prove a great career choice for those entering the world of work, or individuals looking to embark on something new.

Web developer


Alex Scotton is a freelance web developer and organiser of Norfolk Developers, a thriving tech community based in the East of England. Norfolk Developers works with developers at all stages of their career, putting on popular events and acting as a forum for conversation and learning.

What does a web developer do?

A web developer takes the vision of what their client desires from a website and puts it together. In construction you have the client, the architect and the builders. The client says what they want. The architect turns that into a concept. The builder makes that concept a reality. Web developers are the builders working with web and UX designers who are the architects to accomplish what the client wants.

Is there a set route into developing?

There are no set routes into web development but there are some key languages everyone learns like html, css, JavaScript among others. The majority of, not to mention some of the best, web developers are entirely self taught. Options are increasing in schools however you don’t have to go down a particular road. There are many avenues in development.

Where can a career in development take you?

A career in development can take you many different directions. You can make beautiful websites, you can make powerful web services and e-commerce solutions but the skills you learn, understanding the principles of the languages is what really opens up avenues. Once you have that down it’s a lot easier to move sideways and into apps, programmes and software too.


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