Felipé  joined the RecruitmentJunky team in June 2020 with no formal recruitment experience. What he did have however, was a portfolio of valuable transferable skills, a love of learning and a great go-getting attitude.

Since then he’s had some great successes, particularly when connecting our partners with high calibre of sales and service agents. Having been in similar roles himself, Felipé is using his experience to find people who excel in those roles.

Recruitmer Headhunter Felipe

As Felipé  goes on to say, this is only the beginning – we’re buzzing to have him with us on the RecruitmentJunky journey!

What’s the best thing about being a RecruitmentJunky?

The best thing about being a RecruitmentJunky is the amount I have learnt about the tech industry in such a short time. I don’t come from a tech background so it’s been really valuable to experience such a fast growth industry.

I left school having studied media and then worked in various forms of sales, from used cars to telemarketing. Despite not enjoying those roles they did teach me some valuable skills. I never really intended to get into recruitment but when I saw the vacancy at RecruitmentJunky, I thought why not? I’m comfortable speaking to new people and love learning new things so I put myself forward.

From those first conversations with Rosanna, I‘ve been really excited about the business and we’re only at the beginning. I’m grateful to say she obviously saw something in me too. I love that we all have a stake in growing the business together. I’m super keen to develop and continue to learn new skills to specialise in IT recruitment. This side of the industry interests me most.

What makes RecruitmentJunky different to other businesses?

I think RJ feels like much more of an inclusive place in comparison to other organisations I’ve worked in. Despite having no formal recruitment experience in the past, the team has helped me use my existing skills to be effective from the start. With their support I’ve been able to pick up the processes really fast. From best practice comms to stakeholder management, I know if I ever need anything I know I can just ask.

I feel like I’m well suited to the pace of this work. I like to get things done super efficiently and effectively. Everyone’s very driven and focused on doing the best by their candidates and customers and they’re sincere about it. All our partners get the same service, whether they’re hiring for a Director of Marketing for a massive global business or a customer service rep in a tiny tech start-up.

What advice would you give to job seekers in the current climate?

I would advise all current job seekers to organise a game plan for each day. This could be as simple as writing a checklist of three things you want to achieve on that day. I’d also suggest challenging themselves to do research on things that will help them on their job search; looking into prospective businesses they want to work for or any online training or resources that could give them more insight into their chosen industry.

The main thing in this current climate is your ability to stay motivated. Recognising where your skills are transferable to new jobs is also key. It’s important to be adaptable and keep a positive head even when receiving rejection. You can either take the criticism with a poor attitude and make things worse or welcome the areas you need to improve on and be better.

If you’d like to continue to conversation, Felipé  would love to hear from you! Either drop him a message on LinkedIn or send an email to felipe@recruitmentjunky.com. Want to meet our other RecruitmentJunkys? Meet specialist US Headhunter, Terry Myers.