Ross is the newest recruiter in our RecruitmentJunky team, joining us as a Senior Headhunter. His route into recruitment certainly wasn’t typical, but his breadth of experience means he’s not afraid of any challenge that comes his way.

A self-proclaimed competitive person, he loves watching and playing almost any sport. Currently Ross plays six-a-side football, watches American football, and until the pandemic, was a member for many years at a local golf course.

Ross Markiewicz Senior Headhunter on holiday

(Ross promises his usual football opponents are a little quicker than the above, but he’ll bring any candidate right out of their shell)


Here’s a bit more about him!


How did you get into recruitment?

I have a pretty diverse background and didn’t take the usual route into recruitment. I actually started my career in banking before moving across to work in a manual role, building mobile homes. 

Then, four years ago, I changed tactics again and started as a resourcer. This was the beginning of my recruitment career, moving into more senior positions as I progressed.

2020 shook things up even more. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic was hard for so many. For me personally, I moved home and became a dad for the first time. It’s probably an even more rewarding career than recruitment, although you work so many more hours for a very highly demanding customer! I’m very grateful for RecruitmentJunky’s flexible working – it certainly has its advantages as a new dad.


What are the most important skills for a recruiter to have?

Perseverance is key.

You will have highs and lows as a recruiter. But it’s important to make the most of the highs and learn from the lows for your personal development.

However, there is no better feeling than making a difference. For me, it’s placing a candidate in a role they love and amazing a client by finding the perfect person for the job. Making good relationships is very important.  


Why are you excited to have joined the RecruitmentJunky team?

I’ve only been here a few weeks and can feel a really strong team ethic already. I’m excited to work with a range of positions for a business that is fast-growing, and where the future is looking very bright!


(Oh stop it Ross, you’re making us blush)


If you’re curious about the roles Ross is currently filling, connect and message him on LinkedIn or send an email to Interested in meeting more of our team? Check out Lisa Hollis’ and Laura Holcombe’s #MeetTheRecruitmentJunky.

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