Meet Benito – one of our newest RecruitmentJunkies! He joined us in June as Senior Headhunter and has already impressed us with his expertise in our sales and services team. 

His current quest is finding top-notch inside sales candidates in Australia and the USA, as well as customer service reps in the UK, Australia and USA. (Sounds exhausting, but we know Benito’s one of the best people for the task!)

When he’s not doing that, he’s probably off canoeing somewhere, and getting mistaken for Seth Rogan.

Find out a bit more about our newest team member below!

(Seth, no wait, Benito, sorry…the likeness is uncanny)


How did you start your recruitment career Benito? 🕵️

After university, I started working in a few customer service roles before I moved to a tech start-up. It was there that I was given the opportunity to move into a recruitment role in the telecoms industry. That was when I caught the bug for recruitment!

I realised recruiting was the industry for me as I’m definitely someone who likes to speak to people.

Importantly, recruitment means you have the opportunity to speak to inspirational people from all walks of life and help them to reach their career goals.

A lot of people have been disrupted in all aspects of their life during the Covid-19 pandemic. So being able to help people get back to work, or onto a new career path, is incredibly rewarding. It’s a huge part of why I love recruitment.

I joined RecruitmentJunky as I was wanting to explore the opportunity to push myself and grow as a recruiter. I’d heard of RecruitmentJunky before, and followed the company’s journey on LinkedIn, and thought it would be the perfect place to work! And I wasn’t wrong – the team has been so welcoming and I have learnt so much already since I started.

My next step? I’d like to grow as a recruiter and get the chance to recruit in other industries.


😬 To put you on the spot with a tricky interview question: tell us more about yourself.

First: I enjoy playing board games with my friends and my two HYPER competitive brothers. (Not that I’m competitive at all…)

Other than that, any chance I get, I go canoeing with my housemates in the local area – although it’s not been the easiest lately with the weather…

In short, if I had to describe myself in three words… I’m calm, my mum thinks I’m funny, and I think I’m a very focused person.


🌟 What is your top tip for any budding recruiters out there?

I think the best skill a good recruiter can have is patience! The right candidate is out there somewhere – you’ve just got to keep patient and keep looking.


Looking to find out more about our huge variety of sales and service roles available? Benito is your man. Drop him a message or connection request on LinkedIn, or send him an email at

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