Welcome back to team RecruitmentJunky Tayla!

Tayla describes herself as independent, fearless and caring and adores animals (including her little cat Sooty!). But some of you might recognise her, as she’s been a RecruitmentJunky twice now. 

We are incredibly proud of Tayla, who seems able to turn her hand to anything she tries – from beauty therapy, to recruiting, to criminology, to her current role of candidate management and marketing. 

(And we’re also kind of proud that we have ambitious staff returning to work for us. We’ll call it the RecruitmentJunky bug.)

Without further ado, here’s her story…

(Hay, quit horsing around Tayla, we’ve got a blog to write! Fine, we’ll rein it in with the horse puns…)


So Tayla – tell us about your career so far… 📜

Like lots of people: when I first left school I had no idea what I wanted to do!

I studied Beauty Therapy at Great Yarmouth College for two years, gaining level two and level three qualifications. After that, I was just so keen to start working and earning my own money. Over the next few years, I worked jobs on a makeup counter in House of Fraser, at Bannatyne’s spa, and at a local salon. Then my RecruitmentJunky journey began!

Initially, I joined RecruitmentJunky as a Headhunter, just before the Covid-19 pandemic hit. Bit of an exciting change for me – but I wanted to mix things up to figure out my career. I quickly learnt as much as possible about recruitment from my team members and Rosanna. It was such a great experience in this role, and I learned to recruit in one of the toughest climates. 


The tough question…why did you leave us? 😭

I loved working at RecruitmentJunky, so it was a hard decision to leave! But at the time it was a struggle to recruit in such unpredictable times. I also felt like I was wasting time being on and off furlough. I can’t sit still – I’m used to keeping busy. 

So instead, I enrolled myself in an Open University diploma course in law and criminology, and thought it would make sense to get a less demanding role whilst completing my studies. 


Okay, okay, we understand…But what was so great about RecruitmentJunky that you had to come back? 🤩

After I left, I wasn’t sure life as a recruiter was for me, but I loved the company and the team so I was super keen to come back. 

I was so pleased when Rosanna presented me with the opportunity to return! As Recruitment Coordinator, I’m helping to manage candidates, setting up interviews, and ensuring everything runs smoothly. It’s a completely different role, which suits my lifestyle much better.

My job here developed again to include marketing assistant duties too, so now I’m learning how to create content and post on RecruitmentJunky’s social media.

Working at RJ really makes me feel so valued and actually cared about rather than just a number in a team. I love the benefits the company has to offer and I find I can balance everything in my life so well around my role.

One of the many reasons that I love RecruitmentJunky is the remote working aspect.

Additionally, as a growing business, you really feel like you are growing together. It is very rewarding and it’s great to be surrounded by so many teammates that I can learn so much from. 


What’s exciting about your new role? 🙌

The most exciting part of my role is learning all about everything in marketing from my amazing colleague Helen!

With no previous experience in marketing, it really is great to be given the opportunity to learn new skills and areas of the business from such a great mentor.


Quick: cats or dogs? 🐱 🐶

This is a hard one! I am such an animal lover but I would have to say cats, just because of my little Sooty boy. He is the best cat and little companion ever!


Lastly, can you share a tip on how to stay motivated when working from home? 🏠

Time management and organisation are key! I am such a fan of lists, blocking out time in my calendar for certain tasks and being strict with it. I manage to stay motivated because I love what I do, and I enjoy every task I work on. 


We’re so happy to have Tayla back onboard with us. Connect with Tayla on LinkedIn to see how her career (and many interests) develop! 

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