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“…And do you have any questions?”

There it is. The moment you know the interview is coming to close. It’s your last chance to shine, to show you’ve been listening intently and reveal yourself to be an all round naturally inquisitive superstar every hiring manager wants on their A-team. Additionally, it’s an opportunity for you to probe the interviewer. You need to decide the role is right for you as much as it is for them to decide you’re right for the role.

The beauty of the ‘do you have any questions’ question is you can almost guarantee it’s coming. This allows you to prepare multiple queries ahead of time. Write down more than you think you’ll have time to ask because the likelihood is, the interviewer would naturally cover some of them in the course of your discussion. And if something sparked your curiosity during the interview, ask now if you were unable to at the time.

Stuck for questions? There are key areas you can ask about to ascertain lots more about the role, the business and where it might lead you in the future. These questions are a good place to start and should help generate some ideas of your own!

About the role

Any information you garner here is going to help you envisage what you’re day to day is going to look like if you’re successful in securing the role. It’ll help you decide if the role is right for you.

  • What are the main responsibilities of the role?
  • What does success look like and how is it measured?
  • Who/which departments will I be working with the most?
  • Does this role have specific KPIs? How are they measured? How do I meet them?

About the business

This is a chance to show you’ve done your homework. Scour their website, social media and blog posts. This should generate some insightful questions that show you’re invested in the role.

  • I see the business has won/been recognised/achieved XYZ, how did you achieve this?
  • What are the business’ goals/aims for the next 6 months and how does this role support them?
  • How has the business responded to COVID-19?
  • Do you think your brand is accurately reflected online/in the media?

About the company culture

Your skills and experience may be exactly what they’re after but are you a good cultural fit? This is one of the biggest causes of people leaving in new jobs within weeks of signing the contract. If you find this out now, you can save yourself (and the business) a whole heap of hassle and heartache.

  • How would you describe your company culture?
  • What are your mission and values?
  • How does this organisation value diversity and inclusivity?
  • Does the business operate any celebrations/ volunteer activities/ team building events?
  • What does reward and recognition look like in this organisation?
  • Is there the opportunity for flexible working?
  • How does the business promote a healthy work life balance?

About your professional development

Your relationship with your new employer is just that, a relationship. There’s give and take both ways. Professional development is more important to some people than others and that’s fine. Now is the time to ask these questions to ensure you’re well aligned with the business.

  • Will there be upskilling and training opportunities associated with this role?
  • How have people who’ve had this role in the past progressed within the business?
  • Will there be an opportunity for self directed learning?
  • What’s the best way to raise a training need if I have one?

About the industry

This will allow you to showcase your existing industry expertise or your curiosity about joining a new sector. Enthusiasm is a huge selling point for hiring managers, it allows them to envision what you’d be like in their team.

  • How is the business responding to X changes in the industry?
  • I think the industry is XYZ because of X, would you agree?
  • What changes can we expect in the industry in the next 5 years?
  • How have you seen the industry change since you’ve been in the business?

About the interviewer

This is a great opportunity to get an insider’s view of the business and show you can use the resources available to you (LinkedIn, company team pages and blog bios), particularly if you share or aspire to a similar career path as your interviewer. It goes without saying keep it professional – you want to look prepared, not like you’ve been hiding outside their house in the bushes.

  • What’s your favourite thing about working here?
  • What’s been your biggest challenge within this business?
  • I see you’ve studied XYZ, has that added value to your career?
  • What are your team’s greatest accomplishments?


Whatever you decide to ask, we can all agree that the only wrong response to ‘Do you have any questions’ is a flat ‘No’. Be confident, be prepared, be curious! And if anything enjoy the opportunity to turn the tables on your interviewer!

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